MongoDB is a cloud-based, cross-platform document-oriented database program (say that 10 times fast). In other words, when companies need to host their operations in the cloud, they use Mongo.

What We Created

40+ illustrations, Conference promotional emails, Conference signage, Conference art installation, Outdoor billboard

Product and concept illustrations

Mongo DB has a myriad of different products that, as you may have guessed by now, are verrrry difficult to explain in English (or any other tongue). So they hired Pinwheel to create custom illustrations to help explain their offerings visually. Things like queryable backups, automation configuration, distributed systems, and backend-as-a-service. We also created illustrations to help explain bigger concepts like digital transformation, speed-to-production, and cloud-based migrations. It was a fun exercise to learn complex technical concepts (from scratch) and translate them into their simplest form visually. Overall, we created 40+ illustrations.

Supporting the Annual Conference

In addition, the company brought us in to help market their conference to developers and technology leaders. Having worked with eSignature powerhouse DocuSign on their annual conferences for four years, we had a lot of experience to offer. We developed their theme and created custom messaging for every aspect of the attendee experience including website, emails, and conference signage. We even helped create a conference art installation.

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Pinweheel's empathy and collaborative approach helped us uncover our brand's real purpose, mission, and vision. The results of which help spur the improvement of our content strategy and advertising.

— Ayodeji Akintilo, Mongo DB

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