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Selling the Dream
of Better Healthcare

Americans pay the most for their healthcare and get the worst care of any western country. The healthcare companies we partner with, like OneMedical and Experian Health, are changing this through smarter systems, better data and improved technology. We’ve also worked with medical equipment providers to tell their stories to hospitals.

Making complicated technology talk like a human

Better technology can free up bottlenecks, streamline operations, improve patient outcomes and enhance the patient experience. But it’s often a challenge for health tech companies to translate their (often overly complex) messages into powerful human language and stories that move healthcare decision makers to act. That’s where Pinwheel thrives.

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I appreciate Pinwheel's flexibility to work with us to find writers whose voices worked best with our brand and to help us run research where we were writing new positioning statements to go into testing in very rapid cycles.
Kathy Chao, BabyCenter

Healthcare decision-makers, meet the content fishbowl

The healthcare sales cycle can be excruciatingly long and involve a lot of educational selling. Pinwheel can help you surround your healthcare decision maker with intriguing, persuasive, helpful articles, eBooks, sales enablement materials, and marketing nudges to speed the process along and keep you top of mind. It’s what we call the content fishbowl.

Featured Case Study

Experian Health (to come)

Pinwheel helped Experian Health get their story out into the world about their patient engagement, revenue cycle management, identity management, care management and analytics solutions through articles, eBooks and more.

7 Steps to Creating Your Brand Story

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