We are a group of honest, hard-working, and highly-talented people that like to have a good time while working. Join us!




TEAMWORK: We engender a feeling of teamwork through a collegial environment where it's clear that everyone's top priority is quality (not scoring "points" or being superior to others) 

OPEN-MINDED: Let it be known that everyone has a voice, a valid opinion and that THOSE VOICES are VERY OUR BEST chance for improvement and rapid growth. 

PRAGMATIC: We bring a pragmatic approach to achieving quality. Sometimes we're set up for success, sometimes we'll have to work hard to change the circumstances to achieve the success, and sometimes we'll simply have to accept the math that we are not set up for success - and that is okay. 

EYES FORWARD: We have a relentless forward-thinking attitude. We do not dwell on past mistakes. We ONLY hire people who HATE making them in the first place. We acknowledge that mistakes were made and we move forward with a positive attitude.

EGO-FREE: We check our egos at the door (they can peek in from time to time to revel in our success, if they choose) 

HELPING HAND: The senior people at the company work to teach the junior people at the company what they know so that those people can be the best they can be. Hopefully better than us Senior people. 

TOGETHER ON VISION: We are constantly communicating about the vision quest that we are all on together. We sell that quest to everyone: employees, contractors, partners, clients, each other, everyone. 

STRENGTH-FOCUSED: We should all be pushed in the direction of our strengths and passions, not our weaknesses. 

BOLD: Be bold, be confident. But remember number 4. (Too much swagger communicates insecurity and hints towards incompetence.) 

REVENUE-CENTRIC: Maniacal focus on revenue. For it is success in the area of revenue that

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It was 2014. Pinwheel founder Todd Anthony had just sold his previous agency and was thinking about what he wanted to do next.

Around this same time, brand storytelling became the nom du jour. At first, it seemed like a fancy way to talk about something we’d already been doing (and to some degree it was). But as time went on, it became a really interesting lens through which to view the entire branding process.

Every brand has an audience they’re trying to appeal to, and the degree to which they know that audience and understand what makes them tick helps determine the story they tell. And the way they tell it.  Similarly, every brand has a back story, characters, and a narrative or theme that can be crafted into something with energy and power.

For most brands, a key character in their narrative is themselves – the narrator. So part of the storytelling process is identifying the personality of the narrator and defining the way that character (the brand) talks to people. This is sort of like getting into character and it’s a lot harder than people think. It takes a very talented copywriter to be able to slip in and out of different personas all day. A sort of thespian-type.

This is what we love doing. It’s what we were born to do.

Pinwheel is a highly flexible agency that helps brands get their stories straight and then get their stories out into the world.

We have a ton of experience working in all digital and traditional formats. We’ve worked on product, brand, and content development across many dozens of industries — from consumer packaged goods to cloud software to health tech, financial services and beyond. Name your business and we’ve probably played there.

Two key elements of Pinwheel’s success are the fact that we can keep our costs down because we’re 100% virtual and the fact that we can hire people for projects and clients that have directly relevant experience. We’ve developed a strong relationship with many top-tier writers, designers, digital strategists, technologists, musicians, and filmmakers, allowing us to assemble the right team for every project. 



Senior copywriters


Healthcare and fitness
Finance and personal finance
Pregnancy and parenting