...then  we help them get their stories out into the world.

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How We Work

We've worked at the big shops and we know the drill. But we don't like that drill. In fact, nobody likes that drill. There's too much separation between the people doing the work and the clients requesting it. The result is countless rounds and tragically compromised work that doesn't work. In contrast, Pinwheel operates as a component of your team. No intermediaries. No agency games. No egos. Just great work that works.

Our process is simple: 

  1. We sit down and interview you about the organization, brand, goals, culture, industry and audience so that we can hit the ground running
  2. We work with you to complete a Pinwheel Project Success Document (the brief) and a timeline that sets the team up for greatness. 
  3. We dig deep and toil hard to come up with truly powerful ideas, strategies, and plans that deliver results (and the foundation for more success in the future).
  4. Actively seek out feedback and results from every project so that we can learn and improve as we go along.  
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